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Annual Conference Staff

Episcopal Office

Bishop Cynthia Harvey

(225) 346-1646

Kathryn Moore

Executive Administrator
(225) 346-1646

Conference Leadership Team

Dr Van Stinson

Assistant to the Bishop / Clergy Excellence
(225) 346-1646

Rev John Edd Harper

Coordinator of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry
(225) 346-1646

Rev Bernie Johnson

Director of Connectional Ministries and Congregational Vitality
(225) 346-1646

Rev John Cannon

Director of Congregational Development
(337) 235-2904

Rhonda Whitley

Administrative Assistant to Director of Connectional Ministries and Congregational Vitality
(225) 346-1646


Todd Rossnagel

Director of Communication Strategies
(225) 346-1646

Betty Backstrom

Communication Liaison
(225) 346-1646

Louisiana Volunteers in Mission

Brenda Coppit

Resource Assistant for Louisiana Volunteers in Mission
(225) 346-1646

Youth Ministry

Julie Lafosse

Youth Ministry Strategist
(225) 346-1646

The Academy for Spiritual Leadership

Rev Frances Hooton

Director of The Academy for Spiritual Leadership
(318) 475-2595

The Center for Pastoral Excellence

Rev Craig Gilliam

Director for the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness
(504) 250-4046

Administrative Ministries

Rev Jan Curwick

Executive Director of Administrative Services
(225) 346-1646

Sandra Green

Finance Assistant
(225) 346-1646

Jewell Johnson

(225) 346-1646

Sandy O'Brien

Comptroller / Assistant Treasurer
(225) 346-1646

Theresa Stevens

Assistant Pension and Benefits Officer
(225) 346-1646